Welcome to First Eagle Group

Welcome to First Eagle Group

Welcome to First Eagle GroupWelcome to First Eagle GroupWelcome to First Eagle Group

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  Each Economic Forum Industry community comprises select Partner companies that are shaping and transforming their industries in strategic and socially responsible ways. The Industry Governors community comprises chief executives and chairpersons who provide leadership, define the industry agenda and drive change.

First Eagle Group provide a platform for chief executives and senior executives with strategic, business or regional responsibilities to shape the industry and develop insights through FEG-hosted platforms and communities.


Our Global Network

 FEG has its existence around more than 13+ countries across the globe.  Furthermore, FEG arranges monthly Investments Meetings & Summits in which attendees used to come from worldwide’ Specially the Ambassadors from FEG’s allies embassies, representatives of the 163 companies worldwide leading investment groups of MENA, EU, & ASIA. 


Your Resource for Expansion

  First Eagle Group's Partners are world-class companies with a strong interest in developing systemic solutions to key challenges. They are the driving force behind our programmes.

Partners may engage in up to three System Initiatives, regions or communities. Access to FEG networks and experts provides Partners with visibility and time-sensitive insight into strategic decision-making on the issues most important to them.

Partners are represented in Business communities, events and projects by the chief executive, chairperson or other board-level executives. These executives are personally involved in decision-making and steering of initiatives 

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We  strive to stay in communication with our clients. Have a question about  our business, or want to see if we match your specific needs? Send us a  message, or give us a call. We're always happy to meet new customers!

First Eagle Group

Head Office: Level 36, Etihad Tower 3, Corniche road, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. P.O.Box 107984

Corporate Office: Level 23, Boulevard Plaza, Tower 2, Emaar Boulevard, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Email: info@firsteaglegroup.com Fax: +971 4 409 6850 Ph: +971 4 409 6864

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